Where fur, feathers, tails, and scales connect!

Welcome to PawUp!

The purr-fect social network for pets and owners alike! Let your pets get in on the social media frenzy. PawUp is a social network that is dedicated to all pet species. It is designed for your pets, allowing them to connect and interact with other pets. Make pet pals, post pictures, videos and even interact to suggest products and toys! Get advice and give tips on your previous pawsome experiences. Pet rescues, shelters, and adoptions are welcome to join in helping their pet find a new home. PawUp welcomes all pet lovers to our community!

Even when you’ve had a ruff day, Paw Up is the perfect place to interact and get connected with friends and pet lovers you know and those you don’t.

Why PawUp?

The opportunity is now! Allow your pets to virtually connect with other pets and create new pals.

Refer your favorite places to get groomed, your favorite snacks and even tips and advice that may benefit you and your pals!

PawUp allows you and your pet to connect, meet and interact with other local pets, owners and beyond. Learn, seek, and give advice and tips on your experiences, products, and services. Share photos and videos of yourself, your pets, products and pet places! Interact and schedule meets ups, walks or hikes.

We believe that every pet should have a loving home. If you are thinking of getting a pet, PawUp is the perfect resource. Get educated about the type of pet you’re thinking of getting before you make a decision.


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How It Works:

PawUp goes beyond just having a profile. Once you sign up and create a profile you can upload pictures and start connecting with old and new friends. Beyond that you have the ability to:

  • Recommend: PawUp gives users the ability to recommend your favorite products, services, and even caregivers in your area!
  • Interact: PawUp allows you to interact with others in the community, sharing daily activities and recommendations. You can also schedule meet-ups and converse with others.
  • Multiple Pet Profiles: If you have multiple pets, manage all your pets with just one profile or have multiple profiles. PawUp doesn’t just limit you to one pet.
  • New Home: If you’re looking for a new pet or even a new home for your own pet, PawUp is a great community for all pet lovers alike.
  • Upload Videos and Photos: Upload videos and photos to share with others in your community.
  • Give and Get: Give advice and receive advice on a variety of topics. It could be the solution to your pet problems.
  • Make Paw Pals: Connect with pets in your area that you never knew were around. Schedule meet ups and walks with other pet pals at the local park.


Who We Are

PawUp was founded and created by a team of pet lovers. After years of meeting pets and their owners, we decided it was time for them to have the ability to connect. PawUp is a social network for all pets, owners, and pet lovers alike. After years of planning and development, PawUp became a reality in November 2012. Our mission at PawUp is to allow you and your pets to connect with other pets and owners. PawUp is a community that welcomes all pet lovers to gather and talk about all pet related topics. You don’t have to be a pet owner to be a part of the PawUp community.